Breakfast on the Connecticut

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Orchids Bloom in Winter in Hanover, NH

Dracula Orchid

Dracula Orchid

It is cold, gray and Hanover & Dartmouth College rise from a blanket of snow.  Residents long for spring – robins hunting for food and those wonderful bulbs that start to push upward from the thawing ground.  However, even in the dead of winter there are flowers blooming around us if you know where to look.  In Hanover, look on the fifth floor of the Gilman Life Sciences Laboratory and discover the Mabel and Charles Murdough Greenhouses and the Brout Orchid Collection.  Inside the temperature is a balmy 70-something degrees and after shedding your coat you are greeted by Red, the greeter dog.  Lisa Palmer has been the curator and manager  of the greenhouses for over 25 years and is a wealth of knowledge.  Locals often eat brown-bag lunches here and students draw or work on laptops.  Visitors are welcome weekdays from 9 A.M. – 4 P.M..  And the best part – admission is free.  Once you enter the greenhouses, winter becomes a distant memory.  Stay at Breakfast on the Connecticut, explore Hanover & the Dartmouth College campus and include The Murdough Greenhouses and Brout Orchid Collection – see if you can identify the Dracula orchid first.  The Greenhouses are located on the corner of College and Maynard streets, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire.

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