Breakfast on the Connecticut

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Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste.

Oh, if only that were true.  Taste I have, but wealth, well…..  We are the new innkeepers here at Breakfast on the Connecticut!!!  What to say?  Where to begin?  Lisa and I (Benjamin) have often wondered to ourselves what it would be like to live the life of Innkeepers.  One evening, bumbling around on craigslist as I do sometimes, I came across a very nice listing looking for a couple, not necessarily dripping with innkeeping experience, but curious about the lifestyle.  That suits us right down to the ground, so here we are almost 3 months later….sitting in a beautiful inn, on a hill above the river, in among the trees, with a light smell of coffee and sweet rolls lingering from another successful breakfast of experimental recipes.  What’s not to love?

I’ll start with myself.  I hail from Missouri, detoured to Colorado for a short bit, then made my way to New Hampshire a dozen or so years ago.  I came for a seasonal position with the Appalachian Mountain Club, which turned into full time work, which turned into a love of the area that will never fade.  There is just something about the White Mountains, rough and rugged yet so incredibly accessible.  Brutal winter days, and cool summer nights: I am truly a lover of all seasons.  In the warmer months you will find me perched atop one of my bicycles.  Mountains, roads, mountain roads, anywhere I can go on two wheels I’m pretty happy.  An early adopter of the new fancy, fandangled fatbike, I have been able to extend that love into the frozen months as well – though I need to split that time with skiing.  Luckily, when the skiing is good, the biking isn’t, and vice-versa.  My resume is long and eclectic…while I will spare you the details, it ranges from being a line cook, to a sous chef; bike mechanic to timber framer; barista to early childhood educator.  I find that I am content if I am working with my hands and learning new things.  Here at the Inn my main tasks will be breakfast chef (self proclaimed) and handy man extraordinaire (self proclaimed).  I have set up a nice little shop in the wonderful barn on the property where I hope to make whos-its and do-dads made from wood, and possibly try my hand at a little boat building…though I may be a little optimistic at the amount of spare time that I have to do such things.  The main thing I have to look forward to right now is spending the rest of my life with Lisa, whom I will be permanently hitched to (legally) come July.

This seems like a good place for me (Lisa) to step in. In classic Yankee form, my grandfather will tell you that I am not a native of New Hampshire because – despite being a member of the fourth generation of my family to be raised in Henniker, NH – my mother didn’t move to Henniker until she was 10 years old – making me one-half from “Away”, and therefore, most certainly, NOT a native. Either way, I do have New Hampshire in my soul and despite several brief forays to other places (Vermont, Colorado, even the U.S. Virgin Islands for one summer), I keep coming back home again. I am an avid outdoors-woman – it is a “hobby” that has frequently consumed my whole life. I went to Green Mountain College for a degree in Environmental Studies and Recreation (yup, they have degrees in recreation)- with a semester-long detour backpacking, canyoneering, whitewater kayaking and rock climbing my way through the west with the National Outdoors Leadership School. I then returned home and settled into life in my beloved White Mountains. I began by working for the Appalachian Mountain Club as an instructor leading teens on backpacking, mountain biking, rock climbing and whitewater trips (and, unbeknownst to me at the time, meeting my future husband). The life of a seasonal worker suited me just fine for several years and allowed me to dabble in teaching environmental education to students on the hiking trail, working at an eco-resort on St. John, teaching snowboarding, working as a naturalist, serving as a caretaker in backcountry huts and even to take six months off to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine back in 2012. When the thrill of applying for new jobs every few months wore off, I returned once more to the AMC to work full-time as a coordinator for their residential, environmental education program, A Mountain Classroom. My main role here at the Inn will be translating all those skills I developed in booking school groups into taking reservations and booking your stay here! I have big plans for getting my hands dirty in our garden too. Of course, I’ve also already begun some very technical “research” into the area so that I can help point our guests in the right direction when they are ready to get outside and play in the woods and waters of the Upper Valley (field notes from today: Lyme Town Forest is beautiful – but watch out for porcupines!). In my spare moments I’ll be stamping our wedding invitations and enjoying the extra time each day I get to spend with my best friend and partner in crime, Benjamin.

Gundi is our golden-doodle pup – just over one year old now. Supremely friendly, no-shed and hypo-allergenic, he’s the perfect greeter for all of our guests. Inn life is suiting him just fine – he has found all the best spots to lay down and watch the people go by, and finds the grounds here at Breakfast on the Connecticut to be just right for running, sniffing and fetching sticks. Plus, the river offers great swimming and duck watching – what more could a dog ask for?

A move, a career change, wedding planning…we’re juggling it all and couldn’t be having more fun.  We can’t wait to meet you and make your stay with us as comfortable, fun and tasty as possible!

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